How I returned to Backpacking

I returned to backpacking in late spring of 2017.

During my research, I found a hiker named Wired, who had blogged all her thru-hikes. I quickly fell down the rabbit hole, reading each of her posts. Needless to say, it was addicting; it was a fantastic book that I just couldn’t put down. After finishing her PCT blog in late spring of 2017, I realized I should look on YouTube to see if anyone filmed their hike. Huzzah! It was like hitting the lottery! On the Homemade Wanderlust channel, Dixie had hiked the Appalachian Trail the prior year and was now doing the PCT and vlogging it. Unfortunately, unlike the blog written several years prior, I was forced to wait for new videos to be released.

While waiting for new videos to come out and the snow to melt, I spent hours researching gear, reading about other trails on Wired’s blog, and daydreaming about being out there.