I have a blog; now what?

Hey there, yeah, the beautiful human being that’s reading this right now, you! I’m Casey. What’s your name? Awesome. Please take a seat. I have a little story to share.

Last year, I started journaling, and I am still journaling! So crazy. I don’t think about it much; I sit down and write when I have something to say. It’s pretty informal, and it’s working. So I figured, maybe I could start a blog, and it won’t die soon after creating a ubiquitous hello world post.

This won’t be a page with just any random ramblings! It will be outdoor adventure-specific! Barf (not a term I generally use in everyday life).  Anyhow, this space can be used for half-assed trip reports that may or may not be complete. Maybe some diatribe about specific gear, although I’m not one to talk about gear. 

Oh, and document my upcoming Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike! Oh damn. Now it’s official-official.

Stay tuned, I actually have a follow-up post to post *gasp*.