Author: Casey

  • I have an idea

    21 weeks to go. Well, not quite, but 21 is significant because that is the remaining time I have for training, allowing me some downtime before my departure. As I previously mentioned, I have not been on a walk for six days (6 days). I did, however, make it out for an afternoon walk yesterday.…

  • I’m letting myself down

    First off, I am failing miserably at my training. I haven’t been on a walk for about six days now. I’m reading/planning the PCT when I should be out walking. Not all is lost; at least I tell myself I can get some walking in during my lunch hour. So there’s that. Let’s see if…

  • Permit Day

    It’s permit day! This is when getting out on the trail and embarking on this momentous adventure becomes real. Up until now, you know it’s coming, but it doesn’t feel real. You’re talking about it and probably have been talking about it for quite a long time, and even longer, you’ve been thinking about it.…

  • 2024 PCT: Ramblings

    It’s October 11th, 2023, just after 6 am. I just watched a video from a lady I’m following on YouTube who documented, or at least started to record, her journey on the PCT this past spring. She left the trail after 1800 miles, primarily due to foot issues but also because she felt “done”. Reading…

  • Why the Pacific Crest Trail

    Why the Pacific Crest Trail

    In 2024 I will be starting in Campo California and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail northbound.

  • I have a blog; now what?

    Hey there, yeah, the beautiful human being that’s reading this right now, you! I’m Casey. What’s your name? Awesome. Please take a seat. I have a little story to share.

  • Planning a thru-hike is weird: Mileage

    This is part of a series of planning a thru-hike on the PCT in 2024 Many aspects, variations, and opinions exist on planning a thru-hike. First, I love to plan; it’s an integral part of the adventure for me. I have also learned that even though your plan isn’t always adhered to, you already know…

  • Lewis River Trail (2023)

    Trail: Lewis River Trail Total Mileage: 26.62 Nights: 1 Miles: 5.52 Trip Miles: 5.52 Duration: 2 hours, 28 minutes Miles: 21.1 Trip Miles: 26.62 Duration: 12 hours, 41 minutes