I’m letting myself down

First off, I am failing miserably at my training. I haven’t been on a walk for about six days now. I’m reading/planning the PCT when I should be out walking. Not all is lost; at least I tell myself I can get some walking in during my lunch hour. So there’s that. Let’s see if I can muster the strength to strap on my pack and hike.

While planning, excitement hits hard. The realization that this is going to be such a large endeavor hits hard. Something that I’ve never done before. I do have experience with 5-9 day hikes with a single resupply. But, this will be multiple resupplies, AND I really need to take care of my feet and body, unlike my trip this past August.

On that trip, I learned that infection could be a trip killer if not multiple days off trail. Because you need to keep it clean to heal, you also need to get meds. Blisters could take one or two days off the trail before continuing. I’ll need to figure out a blister plan and stick to it!