The first 5 weeks

We are nearly complete with the first round of rewards! The reward that I chose is the Coros Pace 3 smartwatch.

To catch you up, in early December 2023, I realized that I should reward myself if I stuck with the requirements I gave myself at the beginning.

There would be three sets of 5 weeks each. Each set would increase the intensity and is designed not to burn me out.

The first five weeks are about to end! I have until Sunday (today is Thursday), and I will need to walk two more days by the time this is posted.

Up next will be–

  • Five weeks long (1/7/2024 – 2/11/2024)
  • Five days per week with a pack on. No more than two days can be skipped in a row.
  • Eight walks per week
  • One 5-mile session
  • One 10-mile plus day hike per month